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The idea of the residual hearing preservation - from theory to praxis

"Working on the treatment method for the partial deafness was a great challenge, but also a stimulus for development in many directions. It involved elaboration and implementation of new diagnostic methods, hearing screening programs, batteries of audiological tests, psychoacoustic methods and functional magnetic resonance imaging" - says Prof. Skarżyński. Especially for this method of treatment Prof. Skarżyński developed new type of safe electrode, which had been used in the youngest generation of cochlear implants.

In recent years practical approach to the implementation of the partial deafness treatment program could be seen during the Window Approach Workshops organized by the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing. At those workshops Prof. Skarżyński demonstrates live cochlear implant surgeries (at each workshop there are from 5 to 20 surgeries), and presents the results of his patients. Since 2009 the Institute is leading the "Remediation of Hearing Loss - Hearing Treat" project, financed by the European Union. The aim of this project is the optimization of the results of treatment of the partial deafness using the newest tools and innovative research methods, developed and implemented lately in the leading hearing research centers.